Analiz Systems


Analiz Systems has accepted software development as a priority field in the IT sector since the day it was founded and invested in this field by bringing together its important resources, knowledge and engineering solutions. With this approach, Expert Systems software, which has become a product, is developed in accordance with the TRNC legislation and conditions with its own resources of Analiz Systems. Expert Systems continues to be developed with the latest technologies with the needs and demands of customers, the TRNC legislation and the developments in technology. Expert Systems software has been developed to be user-friendly. Although it looks like a package program, it can be customized according to customers' requests/ demands. Expert Systems software is currently being used actively by more than 300 companies/institutions.

* Our software department also develops custom software. At the moment there are many applications developed by our software department and used by government offices and institutions.


Newtech Technology Markets operating in Nicosia, G.Magusa and Güzelyurt districts, give retail servies of computers, IT products, home electronics, mobile phones, consumables and internet. After-sales technical service is also provided by our IT staff in our stores.


IT Requires Expertise

With our trained and certified staff, we provide solutions for all IT requirements, such as ; server installation, pc installation, network infrastructure, virtualization, IT security, backup systems, etc.

Strong Staffing Strong Company

Acting on the principle of “Personnel satisfaction is the basis of customer satisfaction” , our company always pays utmost attention to the fact that its personnel structure is composed of well-trained and expert people in Information Technologies. 75% of our current personnel are trained in various fields of Information Technology. Our company continuously develops its existing personnel according to the targets and needs it determines.